About Start Smiling Again

Having helped hundreds of clients to conquer anxiety, stress and depression over the past decade, I have now dedicated my career to giving people long-term solutions to these problems.

Through the pioneering Blueprint Therapy and Coaching® I can give you the tools to recognise and eradicate the things that drag you down and grasp a new understanding that allows you to start smiling again and move forward with your life.

After only a few sessions my clients report major improvements in how they feel about themselves and a real sense that life has regained its flavour.

In very many cases this has empowered them to repair and rebuild relationships and rediscover the fun in their lives.

In addition to private clients from all backgrounds, Start Smiling Again is also:

  • An official provider of stress and anxiety management training for the UK Government Department for Work And Pensions (DWP).
  • An official provider of stress and anxiety management training for The Lift Project, which support workless households in Wales.
  • Providing GP seminars on stress and anxiety management.
  • Working with companies with motivational and sales training for staff.
  • Working with employers to reduce absenteeism by providing anxiety and stress management courses for staff.

A Message from Me to You

David Rahman

David Rahman

I’ve been where you are and I know how difficult it can be to seek help for your anxiety, stress or feelings of depression.

I can give you the specific tools you need to move forward in your life. Just like the overwhelming majority of my clients, you too can start taking the first steps to smiling again.

To make that next step towards a solution, contact me now and allow me to start helping you today.