BTC Why It Works

Connecting with the Cause

When you experience stress, anxiety or feelings of depression, it can sometimes seem that no matter how many remedies you try, nothing really “clicks”; nothing truly resonates with what you’re experiencing. Quite often, this can cause as much anger and frustration as the problem itself because you’re desperate to be understood and to find a workable way forward.

Blueprint Therapy & Coaching (BTC) was developed naturally by combining mainstream approaches. Instead of focusing on your thinking and feelings and simply trying to change them, BTC looks deeper into your thought ‘generators’ – which I call your ‘Blueprint.’ This helps you discover what makes you feel and think the way you.

By understanding what makes you feel the way you do, you, can finally connect with the underlying cause of your problems and start moving forward to clear them from your life for good.

How Your Blueprint Works

Just like those frustrating ‘pop ups’ that intrude upon your computer, your own operating system – your Blueprint – can be prone to ‘pop ups’ such as anger, fear, frustration, resentment, low self-confidence and so on. If you simply ‘click out’ or ‘minimise’ these ‘pop-ups’ on your computer, they never completely go away. If, however, you find out what’s causing them, you can eradicate them and stop them recurring.

The same goes for you. By discovering your thought generators – the ‘bugs’ in your system – you can rid yourself of the negative ‘pop ups’ that stop you from living the life you want. Once you recognise what’s dragging you down, it’s all about moving forward and not looking back.

Blueprint Therapy

Blueprint Therapy

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