I’m the person who has been locked away for so long trying to break free and David gave me the key to open up the lock…


For 17 years I have used medication to treat a skin condition which resulted from emotional trauma. The condition has never been dealt with and so I was embarrassed to go swimming or to karate anymore. Now after working with David for 2 months in 2013, my skin is clear for the first time in years! My skin condition was due to my stress and anxiety. David gave me tools to think differently. I feel so happy and relieved. Thanks David.

Roger M.

My real life guardian angel. Thank you for showing me that life is really worth living x


It was very helpful to my life at the moment.

Thanks very much.

Doreen Boucher

A very informative and enlightening session. It has given me much food for thought and a way to turn around my life.

Thank you David


David’s workshop highlighted the importance of optimism and the potential within all of us to live our best life. For anyone looking to become unstuck and to more forward into a more authentic life, I would definitely recommend a session with David.


Thankyou so much for the weightloss programme. It’s so easy to follow and I’m sure I’ll be able to keep it up.

L. Breeze

‘Killer heels is a great workshop, David gives you a good insight into the male psyche, and makes it fun evening, he’s gonna get you smiling’

Jacqui Lloyd

I found the evening interesting and enjoyable. I found the whole evening enjoyable and interesting with positive advice and a giggle. Look foward to the next session.


I really enjoyed the workshop. I really liked your examples of different situations and
some of your clients’ stories as some were very relatable! I also liked the amount of involvement we had as a group in the workshop, the balance between us listening to you and participating e.g standing up to demonstrate something was great. The workshop was really great and the way you delivered what you were saying to us was excellent!

I really enjoyed last Thursday and thought it was very interesting. The points you made were simple but I had just never realized them before, I liked how you were referring back to positive energy and the exercises were both enjoyable and knowledgeable.
On the whole I think everyone enjoyed, the stories and examples you told were entertaining and I think the group were able to relate to different circumstances. I liked the concept of ‘building the most attractive woman’ and maybe you could develop this further with quick pointers and handouts.
On some (very few) you tended to repeat yourself about certain points which is understandable considering this was your first class! If I could suggest anything about this it’s to make a point of asking the group questions so you know that they understood your point.
To sum up, I thought the class was great, surprisingly funny and entertaining and I would defiantly recommend it to anyone.

 Thanks I really enjoyed!
Ffion G.W.

Pleasantly surprised! The meeting was presented as informal and fun, however, packed a powerful punch. The content was appropriate to females of all ages which being a “mature lady”, I appreciated.

I have been reminded of my self worth & as a result of this, the belief in myself is reinforced. Great little hints & tips. Cant really find any fault to offer critisism, only advice I have to offer is; keep dishing out the maltesers, nice touch!


I enjoyed the workshop. I would appreciate you letting me know and I would consider coming to one of your workshops again as I think your manner, mode of delivery and general atmosphere of the workshop was fun and comfortable.

Wendy M.

I did enjoy last night and could relate to everything that you were saying.   You were very welcoming, made me feel at ease, you were easy to understand and made everything clear in a fun way.  It did help me in one respect but probably not in the way that you intended.  I have realised that I am not ready to meet anyone else at the moment.

I would like to attend your confidence seminar in May, thanks again.


So glad I attended the course. It’s put a lot of things in perspective for me and I’m surprised how much it’s helped and changed me as a person! It’s really helped me to realise that life if too short to spend being negative and I have definetley found myself thinking more positively! I repeat the three phrases on a daily basis – whenever I get a negative thought really, and it puts my mind back on track as does thinking before bed time about what was great about my day and keeping a diary. It’s surprising how such simple excersises can help you so much! I’ll continue listening to my feel good music that’s definetley one of my favourites along with writing everything down. Coming to the course has made me realise and pin point all the things I’m doing wrong which is great as I didn’t truly understand what was wrong so its made things so much clearer for me! I liked in the last session where we had a ‘conversation’ and practised body language, and conversation starters etc- as that is something i really wanted to change. Now i can relax, stop feeling negative and look forward to a happier, more confident future :-).  thank you so much David! X

Jenna B.

Hi David,
Thank you so much for the last few weeks, I could never begin to explain how much you have helped me. I feel so much more positive about life and look forward to growing as a person. I found the homework exercises really interesting and really made me understand the changes I was going through, it wasn’t until I wrote them down that I could see them. I have been through many difficult situations in the last few years and the course as made me look at them all and question myself about what I have learnt from each one. I have become a much stronger person and I’m not afraid to go and live life and enjoy it. I find the 3 sentences and the questions very helpful and help me keep focused throughout my day. It was interesting to see I wasn’t the only person feeling all this emotion and confusion and talking to people feeling the same way really helped. I liked the fact that it was a small group as it made it more comfortable to talk about how I was feeling and got to meet some really nice people. I only wish the course could go on forever and I am now looking forward to attending the follow on course in August.
Thank you so much for everything you have done

Rachel F.
Lisa, Kent

Meeting David was the most Amazing thing that happen to me
I came across him when I was at the lowest point in my life
In fact I was ready to give up on my life

He immediately got me in his office and even from the first session I felt so much lighter
David’s approach is very compassionate and his passion for people really shows up in his work
It’s safe to say that since i met David
My life has propelled so much and my life has been transformed , and whenever I feel myself slightly off track he is always the one I go to for help

Thank you



I have attended therapy sessions with David for some time. I find him energetic, positive, enthusiastic, professional, intelligent, caring and intuitive. David is committed to guiding me through several issues in my life and for the first time I am confident that in time they will be resolved. I have recommended David to my friends.
Thank you David

Clare R.

I am very grateful to David as I have been tackling this problem for the past couple of years and have tried several different methods both medical and non –medical and have been unsuccessful. Yet, since having these sessions with David I am finally seeing progress and overcoming these problems as he has been the only person who have truly cared about my illness and have wanted to help me get better.


Before I met David I was walking around with my eyes closed, unhappy and low, in every aspect of my life, his gentle, caring yet structured approach to the things that I felt were going wrong in my life, has helped me turn my life around, and for the better. I now wake up happier and grateful than I’ve ever felt in such a long time, and feel I have so much to look forward to. Thank you David for


David has really helped me over the past 9 months.  After unexpectedly starting to suffer from panic attacks and agoraphobia David has helped me understand these problems and given me the tools and strength so they no longer control my life.  I can now happily socialise with friends once again and do my job without worry or anxiety.  I feel a lot happier in myself and very positive about my future. Thank you.


Thank you to David for helping me feel positive after going through a tough patch! Life coaching had made me put a lot of things into prospective and take a different approach to situations! Would definitely recommend David! Thank you.

Hayley Westwood

Executive coaching  with David has been and continues to be insightful and enlightening opening my mind to the excitement of fulfilling my potential.

Claire Parsons

After only a few sessions David quickly evaluated why my confidence levels were diminished. By encouraging me to recognise what my core values in life were and by setting goals to strengthen my belief in those core values David has helped my confidence grow within myself and outwardly. Not only has this impacted on my personal life but also in my career. I now walk taller and with a smile looking out into a brighter future.

Gill B.

I visited Mr. David Rahman after a bereavement and at cross roads in my life with personal relationships. Over a short course of sessions Mr. Rahman’s gentle but structured approach to life coaching greatly helped my thinking. Using a variety of techniques he encouraged and enabled me to better understand my strengths and weakness and to use the skills I already had to bring some focus in to my personal life. The ongoing routine of sessions prevented me from avoiding issues I found difficult and with his help I was able to set some new goals for my future and begin working towards these.

Keith D.

After receiving coaching from David I felt an increase in my confidence and was able to approach life with renewed enthusiasm and energy. Davids style of coaching is light hearted and extremely inspiring. After the coaching sessions I was able to organise my life in a way that worked for me. I gained fitness, clarity and confidence. I would recommend Davids approach to anyone who feels stuck in ant area of your life. Everyone should have a life coach,  It gives you access to a more fulfilling life.

Emma Jones

My therapy and coaching sessions have given me the confidence, strength, and self belief to turn my life around. It has opened up a whole new world for me. I no longer need anti-depressants after being on them for 10 yrs, whilst my phobias no longer exist. Thank you.

Sue P.

After the experience of some unsuccessful counselling and other similar therapies I’m delighted to say that your life coaching was like a breath of fresh air.. literally! I am finally able to live my life to the full again and feels so refreshing to get a full nights sleep these days. I found your positive and motivational life skills were a priceless tool to improving and finally looking forward to my future. Can’t thank you enough.


Start Smiling Again is an excellent service that has really helped me to overcome anxiety and agoraphobia.  David Rahman is committed to helping people and provides superb coaching for clients.  I thoroughly recommend Start Smiling Again to anyone who would like to better their lives.


After being the biggest sceptic about alternative therapies, coaching and psychology, I have totally changed my mind after working with David over 2 sessions. My 15 year agoraphobia is now gone. Many thanks David.

Chris Perry

Working with David on weight loss has made feel sensational. I feel taller inside! My self esteem and confidence has been boosted! I’m very happy!


After many years of trying to lose weight and of course many unsuccessful diets , David mentioned his B.I.G.fat loss programme. He explained in great detail that this wasnt a weight loss programme but a fat loss programme Due to my time consuming job , I very often found that I didnt have time for regular meals, which meant that when I did have time,I was so hungry that I would eat my meal extremely fast and quite late in the evening. With B.I.G. I found that i could eat small amounts regularly along with 15 mins of interval training , which I could fit in at least 3 times a week. At first I thought that I would never be able to eat all this food. but surprisingly, I could and I also found that I was losing weight and my energy levels were increasing, I was sleeping better. Within 3 weeks I had lost 10 lbs! its not a diet, its just changing the way you eat. And best of all it works!!


Very inspiring. Lot’s to think about and ideas to make changes. It’s given me goals to focus on a tools to get me there. Thanks.


Very inspirational. Taking away some new ideas for lifestyle changes. Looking forward to trying them out.


Inspiring. Well explained and encouraging. You have a lovely friendly manner and really engaged well with the group. Thanks


Very informative and inspiring ‘food for thought’


Very informative and thought provoking. Feel inspired…


Pulled together knowledge of weight loss into easy segments. made it easy to understand and good to have plenty of time for discussion


Enjoyed, very interesting about the interval training, helped me focus on myself


Thank you so much for the weightloss programme. It’s so easy to follow and I’m sure I’ll be able to keep it up.


Coaching with David has been very helpful and beneficial for me. David has a great energy and is very skilled at picking up my emotions by listening actively and providing helpful feedback. Thank you David.


I have been working with David for the past month and he has completely changed my life, I was exceptionally low and felt as though life wasn’t worth living any longer but David has given me a new lease of life making me see that there is a good life out there for me, he has helped me see that I have a future, he is helping me build my confidence and I am already doing things I would never have dreamed of a month ago. Ending a relationship that was destructive, when I would have stayed as it was too scary to be alone. Walking into café’s alone, I know it may seem like a trivial thing but for me it was a massive achievement. David has given me a reason to smile, a month ago I was sad, lonely and exceptionally depressed and felt like I had nowhere to turn, after one month I am walking tall and smiling a lot more than I ever have, I am looking at joining new clubs and as scary as that is I know that it will help me have a happy future. I look forward to my sessions with David as he is such a wonderful person, kind hearted, sweet and most of all caring.Thank you David for being my real life guardian angel.


I didn’t expect to feel so immediately at ease and comfortable in discussing personal and private subjects. The first step for which I am already grateful for.


My two sessions with David have proved very beneficial to my well being. I now feel much more confident and have let go of the past. Much of this breakthrough is due to the techniques that David has taught me. I would recommend sessions to my friends and family as there are valuable benefits to be achieved for long term happiness.

David Jones

I would recommend this workshop to anyone suffering with worry, stress and anxiety. These two hours will change your life. Thank you.


Great to talk to someone about my life. I felt it has helped me understand what my problems are. I feel that it may be the first step to gaining more clarity…


I really enjoyed the session with David and found it very helpful. David is very kind and understanding and made me feel at peace with my situation.


Fifteen minutes with David provided me with an excellent insight into how I can view my problems and emotions. An excellent sound board for examining how you feel.


So amazing how you can insight into my feeling and try and find a way to fix this problem

Big thank-you x


Dave was great, really gave me an indepth insight on my problems and how future sessions could help me, thanks for your help x


Feel comfortable, free, able to work at my issues and relationship. Think I will get more than expected. Thanks.


I really liked how individual the workshop was to our specific problems. I liked how David explained the processes causing our issues.


Before I met David I was unhappy and low in every aspect of my life. His gentle, caring, yet structured approach to the things that I felt were going wrong in my life has helped me turn my life around. I now wake happier and more grateful than I’ve ever been in such a long time. Thank-you David for helping me to see, as the world is now my Oyster.


For a long time I had been suffering with confidence issues at work and this was leading to deeper stress and anxiety. After my first session with David I noticed a huge improvement and know that with his help I will succeed in overcoming this.