You’re Not Alone

Committed to You Now

Ignore the classic picture of the ‘patient’ on the therapist’s couch. That’s not how I work. It’s not even close!

New clients are always pleasantly surprised by the friendly, relaxed informality of my one-to-one sessions. The priority is to put you completely at ease so you get maximum benefit every time we meet.

Committed to Your Future

All of my courses and sessions are designed for lasting results, and the tools I’ll give you will allow you to achieve and sustain a happy, healthy and fulfilling life.

My dedication to your future extends far beyond the sessions. I actively encourage clients to stay in touch. You might want to share the good news when you’ve achieved something you once thought impossible , you may reassurance to take on new and exciting challenges or just want an encouraging voice to talk to.

You’re also encouraged to stay in touch via social media. Sign up for our Forward Movers Club, where I’ll send you lots of free follow-up advice and techniques to help you on your journey.

One thing’s for certain; you’re never alone. From first consultation through recovery and beyond, you’ll always have my support.

To make that crucial step contact me now and I can start helping you move forward today.